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Working in EMS can be especially challenging at times, for those providers in the more rural setting unseen factors and forces not commonly encountered in urban settings can spell disaster for an inexperienced provider. The Rural Medic Podcast was created in 2021 to help link those across the county facing these rural challenges. Each episode will dive into thought provoking, humourous, and interesting subject matter with Chris (AAS EMT-P) and co-host Amanda (BSN RN) as we uncover the issues, help educate, and inspire the hard working EMS providers of rural America from coast to coast.

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Join Amanda and Chris in our first ever episode of The Rural Medic Podcast where we’ll discuss status quo and how it affects prehosptial providers. What status quo looks like on paper, and how our innate fear and past experience encourage stagnation. Once we identify and understand the archnemesis of progress we can start to combat it. Listen Now…

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